Monaco Marine Management (M3) announces that is has partnered with AIC Digital Assets Groups to offer digital currencies services and payments to the Marina and Yachting industry

Feb 10, 2022 | Press Releases

M3 will be able to offer its clients access to a regulated and secure platform to accept payments in digital

February 9, Monte Carlo, Monaco –

M3 is committed to offering its clients added value services to enhance their core business. By entering into a partnership with AIC, M3 can provide marina operators, yacht brokers, and the related industry providers the ability to accept digital currencies in a regulated, insured and cost effective way.

Digital currencies are having a significant effect in the luxury goods segments and yachting is a sector that will benefit from this growing market. Being able to provide a solution that is seamless, cost effective, and insured is what the yachting industry is looking for.

José Marco Casellini, CEO of M3 ( ) stated, “we are pleased to expand our services to offer our clients and those in the yachting industry the ability to participate in the growing digital currency marketplace. We felt that AIC and their financial partners offered the best solution available. It was important to partner with a fully licensed
and regulated partner solution to ensure integrity in the process. We look forward to expand into the digital marketplace with our new partners.”

Richard Iamunno CEO, AIC Digital Assets Group ( ) stated, “Working with M3 is a great opportunity to expand our efforts in the luxury goods market place. We feel that the yachting sector will be a high growth market for digital currency holders who will want to use their digital assets to enter or expand their investments in yachting. By partnering with M3 and working with our regulated partner platforms we will be able to reach the exact markets that digital currencies are growing the fastest in.”

M3 is a company specializing in conception, design, and management of marinas working with the best experts in the fields of engineering, communication, marketing, sustainability and financial management to make marinas attractive and economically viable. M3 is one of the technical partners of the Yacht Club of Monaco and for the “La Belle Classe Destinations” label. Its vocation is to identify and federate Yacht Clubs of excellence in order to transform marinas into a place to live in an exclusive sustainable yachting lifestyle.

About AIC Digital Assets Group – partners with regulated and licensed financial institutions and banks to provide banking, digital asset advisory, token exchange listings, and capital formation services while introducing digital assets to high-net-worth investors, Athletes, Entertainers, and College & Pro Teams. AIC also assists luxury good sellers with a safe, secure,
and regulated platform to take digital currencies.

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